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Mirrads joins the SENSE DOJO Ecosystem

Something exciting happened yesterday!

Together with our partner Mirrads, we took decisive steps towards the implementation of the SENSE DOJO Hub!

This Hub is an important anchor point for the SENSE DOJO Ecosystem, connecting all players in the health and fitness market via innovative services.

SENSE DOJO CEO Marcus Meyer: "We believe that digitalization should not just be a word. Digitization must be visible and really support people in establishing healthy routines that are effective in the long term. By partnering with Ingolstadt-based smart mirror technology company Mirrads, the SENSE DOJO Hub can make digitization visible and help customers in the sports retail, fitness and health market stay healthy and fit as an anchor point and service hub."

Smart split workouts with the SensAI.

This includes the development of our Smart Split Workouts. This allows users to complete fitness exercises when and where they want with a maximum length of 11 minutes. By eliminating fixed, undynamic and non-individual fitness plans and establishing a shorter minimum workout duration, exercisers stay motivated longer and more easily. They are supported by our SENS_AI, which suggests exercises that fit their individual situation and calculates important recovery times for individual muscle groups.

With SENSE DOJO, users gain access to a personal coaching and fitness ecosystem developed in partnership with companies from the sports and fitness industry.

One of these partners is Mirrads.

Mirrads - Part of the Ecosystem

Mirrads is a retail tech startup from Ingolstadt and develops digital solutions for brick-and-mortar retail. Together with Mirrads we are working on a digital fitness innovation! Using cameras and depth sensors, we scan the body movements of sports enthusiasts and transmit them in real time to the Mirrads mirror in front of them. Meanwhile, they can continue to see themselves and any instructions, exercises and other projections in the mirror.

Mirrads CEO Peter Stahr: "We are excited about the collaboration with Sense Dojo and the opportunity to add an exciting use case to our Smart Mirror. Together, we're bringing another piece of the experience to brick-and-mortar retail and the fitness industry."

Our CEO Marcus Meyer and Mirrads CEO Peter Stahr sealed their already virtual shoulder-to-shoulder yesterday with a handshake at Mirrads HQ in Ingolstadt.

You can find more info about Mirrads on her website.

More info about our partners and future projects can be found here on the SENSE DOJO Blog.

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