SENSE DOJO guest on the podcast hashtag fitness industry

SENSE DOJO CEO Marcus Meyer was a guest on Hashtag Fitness Industry on January 15. The podcast by creator Andreas Bechler has been running successfully for a good 1.5 years on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and SoundCloud and deals with all topics related to the fitness industry.

In the now 56th episode, our CEO Marcus Meyer is our guest and talks about the SENSE DOJO concept.

And that's not the only reason why this episode hashtag fitness industry is so special!

It is also the first podcast takeover in this format!

Instead of Andreas Bechler, Stephan Peters is hosting.

He is an entrepreneur, sports marketing specialist and managing partner at Sports Pioneers Services. He is particularly interested in how we at SENSE DOJO manage to bring together all the relevant players from the sports and fitness industry in one place for our customers with the help of our digital coach.

The SENSE DOJO concept at Hashtag Fitness Industry

That's why CEO Marcus Meyer tells Hashtag Fitnessindustrie, among other things, why dialog with users is so incredibly important and how SENSE DOJO wants to address the problem of the lack of customer dialog in the fitness industry. SENSE DOJO connects the individual players in the fitness industry in an ecosystem and thus gives customers and companies the opportunity to enter into a direct exchange with each other.

However, promoting the motivation of those interested in sports, working with them to conquer their inner badass and firmly establishing new, healthy habits is also a key to a functioning sports ecosystem.

Another key ingredient is our newly developed Smart Split Workout, which allows exercisers to complete a workout when and where they want with a maximum duration of 11 minutes. They are supported by our SENS_AI, which calculates exercises and recovery times adapted to the trainee's situation, thus keeping motivation to exercise at the top!

You can hear what this system could mean for the sports industry and more in the new episode "Hashtag Fitness Industry" with Stephan Peters and SENSE DOJO CEO Marcus Meyer on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Sound Cloud.

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