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Tabia fit is live!

Author: Cyrill Orthgieß

In the second part of "The Power of Habit" we already introduced you to the app "Tabia fit". To remind yourself how habits are formed and why they are so important for us, you can also read "The Power of Habit - Part 1" again.

Now the time has finally come: the app will be available for free download in the App Store and Google Play Store from 1st September 2022. Nothing is left standing in the way of your new healthy life with fit habits and, above all, there are no more excuses.

Because it's never been easier to start exercising than with Tabia fit.

Why do you need Tabia fit?

The majority of the population sits in front of a computer in the office and works from 9 am to 5 pm. Before and after that, we either sit in the car or on the train to get to work or home.

In most cases, exercise comes far too short - unless you get up at 6 a.m. to go to the gym overtired or almost fall asleep again while tying your running shoes. After work, gyms are usually crowded and it's just no fun waiting ten minutes to do the actual exercise. So there needs to be a smarter way to exercise and stay fit in a sustainable way.

Our solution?

Tabia fit

Tabia fit is your virtual personal coach that combines health-oriented workouts with scientific methods and contributes to sustainable habit formation. That's how we fight your inner pig dog and establish fitness as a habit in your everyday life.

Easy start:

With very simple handling and particularly low entry barriers, we have designed the start for our users as simple as possible. With Tabia fit, there's no long and torturous drive to a gym or long waits at the individual machines. Each workout session can be done easily from home or even from work. Not only are the exercises short, but no equipment is needed. Your own body weight is completely sufficient to sustainably live a healthy everyday life.

Now it's time to stick with it and make fitness a habit!

Thanks to our in-app avatar, the virtual personal coach "Lisa", each training plan is individually created and adapted to your performance level. This way, every user gets personalized fitness exercises. The training program also adapts itself to your performance increase! This makes the training variable and you can look forward to new exercises every day. The probability of losing motivation is thus significantly reduced.

In addition, the training units end at your personal performance and motivation peak. This way, you don't overexert yourself on the training day, but still notice the next day that you trained properly the day before.

Do I have to subscribe for this ...?

No! With us, there are no endless subscription periods or hidden costs. You simply pay with the in-app currency, the Tabia-Coins. These are only used up when you actually train and you only pay when you actually use the app. And what could be better than an investment in your own health?

We don't offer a membership that you don't benefit from after the first two weeks! You only pay when you move.

But why is movement so important in the first place?

Exercise is not everything, but without exercise everything is nothing.

That exercise and regular sports are good for the immune and cardiovascular system, probably everyone of us has heard. In addition, strength training strengthens the bones by increasing their density, making you less susceptible to injury. In addition, exercise reduces stress from your everyday life and releases serotonin - which puts you in a good mood!

Furthermore, regular exercise leads to improved endurance. Improved endurance helps us to perform a certain activity for as long as possible and at the highest possible performance level. Whether you have an important task at work or just need to carry the groceries to the third floor.

Here's how it works: During exercise, our brain is supplied with oxygen and the neurons, the components of our brain, thus have more nutrients and, accordingly, more energy. Our attention is thus improved and the performance of our brain is increased [HUGHES. Et al].

What are you waiting for?

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store now and finally make fitness a habit. With Lisa's help, we look forward to getting you fit for the long term, so that you too can finally live a healthy everyday life.

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