SENSE DOJO develops its own digital solutions that are simple and accessible. 


Tabia Fit

Tabia Fit helps you motivate yourself to exercise in the long run and feel healthier, be more relaxed and look fitter.

With Tabia Fit, fitness becomes a habit that, like many other things, is integrated into your life as a daily routine.

It takes you by the hand and guides you with scientific methods step by step towards your new fitness habit.

You can expect personalized workouts combined with simple and guided habit-building techniques. 

Tabia Fit shows you how to motivate yourself and build routines that make exercise a long-term part of your daily life.

The short and health-oriented workouts, with exercises that change daily, are perfect for integrating into any daily routine.

Just train. Everything else is taken care of by your virtual trainer Lisa, who guides you through your individual workout.

With Tabia Fit, you only pay when you work out. 

With virtual energy coins as a means of payment, you can schedule your workout flexibly according to your own needs and only pay when you have used them up. 



VELIO plus

Based on the analysis of the five motor skills (coordination, speed, strength, endurance and agility) with VELIO, the artificial intelligence of the new VELIO Plus app enables the creation of an optimal training plan for any occasion at any location.

There's an easy way to maintain an impact on your clients and employees outside of the gym or company. The ability to create an adaptive workout catalog based on analysis - for example, for the home office, for vacation, or for the workplace - is the cornerstone of the new VELIO Plus app.

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