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The Team


Marcus Meyer

Marcus Meyer (44) is considered one of the pioneers in the eSports business. He has accompanied the booming industry from both a media and a corporate perspective and knows how to deal with the economic factor eSports in the best possible way. The experienced strategist in the field of digital innovation started his own business as a consultant in digital new business and eSports in spring 2018. As a network agency, Force of Disruption GmbH provides strategic advice to trade fair operators, associations, media houses, politicians and companies on Future of Sports topics. In addition to strategic positioning and product development, Force of Disruption GmbH creates theme and event concepts and is responsible for the activation and implementation of these innovative concepts. Marcus Meyer and his team of professionals, insiders and industry experts develop product strategies that help you fully develop and exploit your business model.

Simon von Tessmar.1024x1024.jpg

Simon of Tessmar

Simon von Tessmar earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the SAE Institute in Games Programming, where he also spent several years lecturing on programming, project management, and game development. After graduation, he co-founded and served as CTO of an SAE Incubator-funded startup that produced game software with an increased focus on mobile distribution platforms.
In his role as Head of Development for RetroBrain R&D GmbH, he works with his interdisciplinary team on a digital health solution for gamification of therapeutic content for seniors.


Iven Pohle

Iven Pohle has many years of experience in the field of audio and sound. Both in the international live music area and in combination with video games and digital media. In this way he was able to gain sufficient experience in the field of rights exploitation of audio-visual media.
Iven did his Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Animation and 3D and was co-founder and CDO of the SAE Incubator funded startup "RedOrb Games", which produced game software with an increased focus on mobile distribution platforms.
Most recently, he was able to work, among other things, as Art
Director & Sound Director at the company RetroBrain R&D GmbH, he was able to develop several years of experience in the field of 3D visualization and content creation for video games/mobile apps targeting seniors and therapeutic applications, as well as graphic design.


Ben Richter

Ben Richter gained a lot of experience in marketing and digital media through his dual studies at the International University of Cooperative Education in Leipzig. During this time, he already marketed the B2B software OPTIMO.

In 2016, he also founded the local association LeipzigeSport e.V., which he presented at numerous trade fairs such as Gamescom and Dreamhack. Thereby he developed a broad network in the gaming and esport scene in Germany. 

In his job he is responsible for the acquisition of partners and customers who use the Digital Health solutions.

Our Supporters


Markus Hupach

Brand & Retail Innovator

Digital Strategist

Christoph Rapp.jpg

Christoph Rapp

International Sales and Retail Expert ISPO / Outdoor by ISPO

Thomas Verduzco.jpg

Thomas Verduzco Weisel

Insurance Expert

Ralph Scholz.jpg

Ralph Scholz

Director of the Board at DIFG Deutscher Industrieverband für Fitness und Gesundheit e.V.

Tobias Gröber.jpg

Tobias Gröber

Executive Director Business Unit Consumer Goods - Messe München


Dr. Thore-Björn Haag

Head of Sports Therapy Orthopaedic Center Theresie and Sports Scientist

Viola Oberländer.jpg

Viola Oberländer

Clubmanager TSV 1860 München, world leading Hyrox Athlete


Stefan Herzog

Präsident Verband
Sportfachhandel e.V.


Martin Greisel

Assistant professor. Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

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