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In the SENSE DOJO Ecosystem, people design and find customized solutions that provide an easy approach to establishing healthy habits



Simply Healthy


SENSE DOJO solutions thus support each individual on the path to maintaining health and thereby living their best life.
The development of all SENSE DOJO applications focuses on ease of use, including very low barriers to entry. As a result, SENSE DOJO products create a positive experience: they are an asset, not a necessary evil for maintaining one's health.



Artificial intelligence, gamification, science and smart partners

The SENSE DOJO is composed of experts in the fields of health, serious games development, therapeutic applications and games marketing.
Occupied with different approaches, insights and theories, the field of health is flooded with information. Our experience and competences as well as the cooperation with dedicated experts aim at developing our products in a way that they fit into every day life. Our digital solutions are therefore intelligent, based on in-house technology, and easy to understand - without being opaque.
Today's customer needs are at the heart of every product development, and reducing complexity is often a core component of this. All solutions are based on scientifically sound data and are always individually tailored to the customer. 

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