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Spuzziness: CEO Marcus Meyer in the Sport1 Podcast

Marcus Meyer, CEO of SENSE DOJO, was a guest on "Spuzziness," the sports business podcast from Germany's leading sports media platform Sport1. Host, outdoor and sustainability expert Kim Scholze asks him questions about eSports, the future of sports business and his latest project SENSE DOJO.

You can find the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube and Sport1 Podcast.

The Spuzziness Podcast

Behind Spuzziness is not only a likeable presenter and storyteller, but also a sports, leisure, outdoor and sustainability expert: Kim Scholze.

As Chief Sustainable Community Manager and Head of Storytelling, she is responsible for the business development and communication strategy in the sustainability area at Sympatex.

Kim Scholze therefore has a large network of decision-makers in the sports business. She regularly talks to the industry's big names and experts on the Sport1 podcast and provides information about new innovations, threats and inspiring stories.

One of these experts is SENSE DOJO CEO Marcus Meyer. The new Spuzziness episode "E-Sports Business - Marcus Meyer (CEO Force of Disruption): Gamification and the potentials for the outdoor industry" is online since 02 December 2021.

SENSE DOJO: The future of sports business

In the new episode of "Spuzziness," Kim Scholze and Marcus Meyer take a special look at the importance and opportunities of digitizing sports - and agree that digitization is of utmost importance for the future of the industry.

Marcus Meyer tells how he came up with the idea of driving this important progress himself and gives tips on how to deal with the new type of sport in the right way. In doing so, he repeatedly emphasizes that genuine dialog and conversation with people are the be-all and end-all of digitization. After all, the goal remains to motivate people to get real exercise.

Marcus Meyer also makes use of gamification, the "playification" of fitness. Using game elements such as competition and progress bars increases people's motivation to complete tasks that would otherwise be perceived as monotonous or simply boring. With this in mind, he also presents his latest project in the podcast: SENSE DOJO.

The great dispute about data

With SENSE DOJO, Marcus Meyer wants to build a new ecosystem. He wants to unite sports retailers and specialty stores, fitness studios, pharmacies, physiotherapists, doctors and all other players in the fitness industry and provide access to a customer base with over 20 million potential customers.

Another important question is who owns what data. In the "Spuzziness" podcast with Kim Scholze, he therefore asks whether the data of a German or European customer base should not benefit their own fitness and health instead of being exploited by large companies from abroad. SENSE DOJO is supposed to be a solution to this - and playfully motivate people to exercise more with a digital personal coach and an AI-controlled training plan.

Kim Scholze and Marcus talk about other important questions, problems and opportunities in the e-sports business, gamification and digitalization of the sports industry in the new episode of the Sport1 podcast "Spuzziness". There is also a little insight into the private life of a successful CEO and an outlook on future projects and challenges in the fitness sector.

You can listen to the new episode "Spuzziness" on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube and Sport1 Podcast.

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